What is the Lake Menifee Women's Club Purpose?

We are a non-profit organization for charitable giving to and educational enrichment of our community, with a focus to promote, encourage and further cultivate activities and plans that will unite women in our community.

What does it cost to join?

It is a $50 membership fee for new members to join. Returning members are $40.

How often does the Lake Menifee Women's Club meet?

We have one monthly meeting on the second Tuesday of each month. Then there are other activites and events we do throughtout the year that fall outside of that Tuesday.

I do not live in Menifee. Am I still able to join?

Yes! We welcome all women who live in the surrounding communities to join.

Does the Lake Menifee Women's Club offer volunteer opportunities?

Yes! We are always looking for more volunteers to help us with our club and community events.


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